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 [Template] Nation Creation

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PostSubject: [Template] Nation Creation   Thu May 14, 2015 5:12 pm

[img][INSERT FLAG IMAGE][/img]

Nation Information
Nation Name: [This is rather simple, just list the official name of your nation.]
Nation Flag: [The official flag of your nation goes here. Please make it easily distinguishable.]
Nation Seal: [What's the official seal of your nation?]
Nation Color(s): [Are there any color or colors that officially represent your nation?]

Motto/Slogan: [An official motto or slogan of your nation. Typically found on your currency.]
Anthem: [Does your nation have a national anthem that everyone knows?]
Currency: [What is the currency used by your nation called? Do they even use their own?]
Alignment: [Peaceful, Tolerant, Neutral, Aggressive, or Warmongering are your options.]

Political Information
Government: [What form of government does your nation possess?]
Branches: [Are there any branches in your government? What are they and what is each one in charge of?]
Hierarchy: [Go into an in-depth explanation of the hierarchy of each branch. This includes the different positions throughout your government.
Religion: [Obviously this is not a requirement but some nations will be founded on religious pretenses. If yours is a secular nation you may put 'Secularity' but if you specifically wish to do so you may also list 'Atheism' or other variants.]
Constitution: [Please be very descriptive in this section. A constitution does not have to guarantee rights or restrain the government in any way. However, the constitution will determine how your government functions. If you wish to be a totalitarian dictator, for example, you will still need a constitution outlining the fact that you hold complete and total authority as well as who will take your place in your absence or death.]

Alliance(s): [Will your nation be joining any alliances right off the bat?]
Enemy(s): [Do you already have nations in mind as an enemy of your own?]
Foundation: [Why was your nation founded? Were the founders seeking religious freedom or better land for agriculture?]
History: [Recount the primary points in your nation's history. The big events that made it what it is today.]

National Demographics
Majority: [What type of people make up the majority of your nation?]
Minority(s): [What types of people make up the minorities of your nation?]
Tension: [Rate the level of tension between different groups of people in your nation on a scale of 1-10.]
Male/Female Ratio: [What is the male to female ratio in your nation? A higher male ratio will allow you to have a larger army without affecting your nation's happiness levels. A higher female ratio will give your nation a hefty happiness bonus, resulting in higher income from taxes. A balanced ratio will give you a bonus to population and happiness. Balanced is considered between 48-52 each. Both numbers in the ratio must be between these.]

Please copy the code found below into a new topic before filling out and posting it to be checked.

[center][img][INSERT FLAG IMAGE][/img][/center]

[center][size=18]Nation Information[/size][/center]
[b][u]Nation Name:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Nation Flag:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Nation Seal:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Nation Color(s):[/u][/b]


[center][size=18]Political Information[/size][/center]


[center][size=18]National Demographics[/size][/center]
[b][u]Male/Female Ratio:[/u][/b]
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[Template] Nation Creation
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