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 [Template] Tech Creation

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PostSubject: [Template] Tech Creation   Fri May 15, 2015 12:29 am

Tech Creation is where you create an invention that your nation has created itself. It can not be something that is already present in the real world, such things are generally available to all nations who can afford them. However, this area is for if you want your nation to invent something special or unique; often to sell to other nations for profit, particularly allies. An invention has three requirements that it must meet, though the requirements are rather vague and scale according to the invention. The requirements will be determined by members of staff depending on prior applications. Each requirement will be based on the money, technology and infrastructure of your nation. Money will be required to establish the invention to pay for the research and resources that went into development, though expect it to cost more money for each produced model. Technology is obviously a requirement as certain inventions might require a might higher level of technology than your nation currently possesses. Infrastructure is a necessity because it determines the stability of your nation. A stable nation is more likely to be able to turn out successful inventions.

If your invention is approved but you lack the necessary requirements, you may have an allied nation step in and take on the requirements but they will take possession of your invention but may share it with you or sell it back to you. If an invention is approved but your nation does not meet the requirements to claim it, you will have 14 days to meet those requirements before it becomes public domain and all nations will be able to use the idea if they can meet the requirements and pay the fee. However, public domain inventions are free to everyone even after they've been paid off by a nation.

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[Template] Tech Creation
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